Qilium OS range could be delivered as chip module reels, ready to be embedded.


Target customer are card manufacturers.


Contact modules


Modules have M2 dimensions, compliant with most of the card embedding machines (Muhlbauer, Datacard, NBS, ...)


Modules are loaded with the defined OS.



Contactless modules


Modules have NOA3 or NOA3T dimensions, compliant with most of the contactless embedding process.








Prelams are used by card manufacturer as the inner layer of a contactless card.
Size and layout of the prelam have to be discussed.









Qilium provides complete card to integrators.


Depending on volumes, customer location, delivery times, target prices, .... the manufacturing partner could change.


The card delivered could havve the following specifications:


  • Blank or Printed (Any kind of printing could be done)
  • Chip embedding (Contact, Contactless or Dual Interface)
  • OS loaded
  • OS Configured
  • Pre-personnalization
  • Transport Key






In some case, Qilium grants licence fees to distributes products loaded with a Qilium OS.


The loading of the OS is done by the chip manufacturer.


Volume control of  loaded OS is done by the chip manufacturer.


Contact us for a licence fee agreement.