Sport & Retail





How to fidelize a customer?
It is a question that many retailers are asking themselves.
Using a smart card is probably one of the best solution in B2C markets because of the centralization of customer's advantages.Qilium proposes operating systems for Smartcard that bring your system to the next level.





How to improve the experience of supporters?
Stadium are constantly evolving to make sport events unforgattable moments. One of the conditions is giving the possibility for supporters to focus on the game and forget their daily life's problems.
Buying food & beverages, access the stadium, print the ticket or taking public transport before and after the match shouldn't be a preoccupation for them.

Stadium card


 How to reviltalize urban center city's economic life?
For cities, becoming smart is the new challenge of the 21st century : eco-efficiency, vertical farming, smart grid, criminality and CCTV management, etc.
Becoming smart also includes reflexion on the shopping experience and the services that cities can bring to their citizens and shopkeepers.

Smart City